Ucapan kepada Sahabat
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Ucapan kepada Sahabat

All the best and may Allah bless you all.
 Semuga kita semua mendapat kejayaan yang cemerlang . marilah kita sama-sama berusaha menguasai teknologi ini untuk menjadi pendidik alaf 2000 
From: Norhasliza

To member-member SMPI 2000

What Is a Teacher?
A teacher is someone
  who sees each child
as a unique person
and encourages individual
  talents and strengths.

A teacher looks beyond
  each child's face
and sees inside their souls.

A teacher is someone
  with a special touch
and a ready smile,
who takes the time
  to listen
to both sides
and always tries to be fair.

A teacher has a caring heart
that respects and understands.

A teacher is someone
who can look past disruption
  and rebellion,
and recognize hurt and pain.
A teacher teaches the entire child,
and helps to build confidence
  and raise self-esteem.

A teacher makes a difference
  in each child's life,
and affects each family
and the future of us all.

      -Poem by Barbara Cage

From: anaria_00@yahoo.com


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